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tr.v. il·lu·mined, il·lu·min·ing, il·lu·mines
To give light to; illuminate.

[Middle English illuminen, from Old French illuminer, from Latin illūmināre, to illuminate; see illuminate.]

il·lu′min·a·ble adj.
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It's the lightest precision scope on the market and features an illuminable reticle with MOA hash marks on the horizontal crosswire to help shooters compensate consistently for wind drift.
Gunter Vogl, Head of Product Management and Development at Cherry said, "The new illuminable MX RGB switch naturally opens up completely new areas of application".
The Southern Education and Library Board, on behalf of the five Northern Ireland Education and Library Boards, is seeking tenders from experienced coach and bus and/or commercial vehicle body builders to appropriately retro-fit approximately 150 school minibuses (16 seaters) with high impact illuminable signs and flashing warning lights in accordance with the Road Vehicles Lighting (amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2011.