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(General Physics) the luminous flux incident on unit area of a surface. It is measured in lux. Symbol: Ev Sometimes called: illumination Compare irradiance
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(ɪˌlu məˈneɪ ʃən)

1. an act or instance of illuminating.
2. the state of being illuminated.
3. a decoration of lights.
4. Sometimes, illuminations. a display using lights as a major decoration.
5. intellectual or spiritual enlightenment.
6. the intensity of light falling at a given place on a lighted surface; the luminous flux incident per unit area, expressed in lumens per unit of area.
7. a supply of light.
8. decoration of a manuscript or book with a painted design in color and gold or silver.
9. a design used in such decoration.
[1300–50; Middle English < Latin]
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Noun1.illuminance - the luminous flux incident on a unit area
brightness level, luminance, luminosity, luminousness, brightness, light - the quality of being luminous; emitting or reflecting light; "its luminosity is measured relative to that of our sun"
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By overlaying Isofootcandle Plots, a rough idea of illuminances can be accomplished by adding the values of each contour where they intersect (figure 11.2).
It would be beneficial to have a time- and cost-effective method to predict illuminances in the surgical site and to test if a virtual prototype of a surgical luminaire complies to [IEC 2009], before building the device.
Later, two advanced daylight metrics were brought into use: daylight autonomy (Reinhart, 2002; Tzempelikos and Athienitis, 2005, 2007) and useful daylight illuminances (Nabil and Mardaljevic, 2005, 2006; Shen and Tzempelikos, 2010).
Vienot and others [2009] used semantic differential scales to evaluate nine combinations of three illuminances and three CCT.
Daylight illuminances inside a room are, however, not only comparative to the peripheral illuminance but also depend on the exact sky luminance dissemination at any given time.
Impact of lighting arrangements and illuminances on different impressions of a room.
6(a) shows the BER performance of the solar cell Rx at different illuminances with the corresponding eye-diagrams.
There is no doubt that streets with higher illuminances are seen as safer, but how high an illuminance is necessary?
In These Trials, the Left-Hand Field Was Fixed at 25 cd, the Right-Hand Field Was Set to One of Three Light Levels 17 cd 25 cd 35 cd Right-hand side 7 18 29 Same (equally bright) 29 23 12 Left-hand side 6 1 1 Fotios and Cheal [2007] used discrimination to compare side-by-side booths at mesopic illuminances and their procedure included counterbalancing of the position of their stimuli.
The illuminances on all rings were summed and total luminous flux of light source was evaluated.
Recognizing limitations of the daylight-factor metric, various researchers have proposed a number of dynamic daylight metrics, such as Daylight Autonomy (Association Suisse des Electriciens, 1989), Useful Daylight Illuminances (Nabil and Mardaljevic, 2005), Continuous Daylight Autonomy (Rogers, 2006), etc.