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tr.v. il·lu·mi·nat·ed, il·lu·mi·nat·ing, il·lu·mi·nates
1. To provide or brighten with light.
2. To decorate or hang with lights.
a. To make understandable; clarify: "Cleverly made attacks can ... serve to illuminate important differences between candidates" (New Republic).
b. To enlighten intellectually or spiritually; enable to understand: "I greatly misdoubt the accuracy of this ... Can you illuminate me?" (Charles Darwin).
4. To adorn (a page of a book, for example) with ornamental designs, images, or lettering in brilliant colors or precious metals.
5. To expose to or reveal by radiation.
n. (-nĭt)
One who has or professes to have an unusual degree of enlightenment.

[Middle English illuminaten, from Latin illūmināre, illūmināt- : in-, in; see in-2 + lūmināre, to light up (from lūmen, lūmin-, light; see leuk- in Indo-European roots).]

il·lu′mi·nat′ing·ly adv.
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1. lit up
2. decorated with lights
3. (Journalism & Publishing) (of a letter, page, etc) decorated by the application of colours, gold, or silver
4. (Art Terms) (of a letter, page, etc) decorated by the application of colours, gold, or silver
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Adj.1.illuminated - provided with artificial light; "illuminated advertising"; "looked up at the lighted windows"; "a brightly lit room"; "a well-lighted stairwell"
light - characterized by or emitting light; "a room that is light when the shutters are open"; "the inside of the house was airy and light"
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színes iniciálékkal díszített


[ɪˈluːmɪneɪtɪd] adj (= lit up) [place, building] → illuminé(e)
illuminated sign → enseigne lumineuseilluminated manuscript nmanuscrit m enluminé
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[ɪˈluːmɪˌneɪtɪd] adj
a. (sign, advertising) → luminoso/a
b. (manuscript) → miniato/a
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(iˈluːmineit) verb
to light up. The gardens were illuminated by rows of lamps.
ilˈluminated adjective
(of a manuscript) decorated with ornamental lettering or illustrations.
ilˈluminating adjective
helping to make something clear. an illuminating discussion.
ilˌlumiˈnation noun
1. the act of illuminating.
2. (in plural) the decorative lights in a town etc. Go to Blackpool and see the illuminations.
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References in classic literature ?
"Gladly," said the Strong Man, his face illuminated with the glory of his thought.
It would have made a fine picture, worthy of Rembrandt, the gloomy winding stairs illuminated by the reddish glare of the cresset of Gryphus, with his scowling jailer's countenance at the top, the melancholy figure of Cornelius bending over the banister to look down upon the sweet face of Rosa, standing, as it were, in the bright frame of the door of her chamber, with embarrassed mien at being thus seen by a stranger.
The next flight of steps, turning in the reverse direction, was faintly illuminated, like the hall below, by one oil-lamp, placed in some invisible position above us.
But that darkness was licked up by the fierce flames, which at intervals forked forth from the sooty flues, and illuminated every lofty rope in the rigging, as with the famed Greek fire.
At this moment loud yells were heard under the foliage, which was now illuminated as brightly as the day.
With our shaggy jackets drawn about our shoulders, we now passed the Tomahawk from one to the other, till slowly there grew over us a blue hanging tester of smoke, illuminated by the flame of the new-lit lamp.
But now, in the autumnal twilight, illuminated by the flickering blaze of the wood-fire, they looked at the old chair, and thought that it had never before worn such an interesting aspect.
There are scenes of all sorts; some dreadful combats, some grand and lofty horse-riding, some scenes of high life, and some of very middling indeed; some love-making for the sentimental, and some light comic business; the whole accompanied by appropriate scenery and brilliantly illuminated with the Author's own candles.
The illuminated village had seized hold of the tocsin, and, abolishing the lawful ringer, rang for joy.
The torch had been stuck in a socket beside the door, so that its rays illuminated both the corridor and the cell at the same time.
And above the trees shone the great, round, shining face of an illuminated clock in the tower of an antique public building.
He had released my arm and was standing rigid and motionless in the center of the illuminated roadway, staring like one bereft of sense.