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1. Philosophy
a. The doctrine that the material world is an immaterial product of the senses.
b. The doctrine that free will is contradicted by determinism and is only an apparent phenomenon.
2. The use of illusionary techniques and devices in art or decoration.

il·lu′sion·is′tic adj.
il·lu′sion·is′ti·cal·ly adv.


1. (Philosophy) philosophy the doctrine that the external world exists only in illusory sense perceptions
2. the use of highly illusory effects in art or decoration, esp the use of perspective in painting to create an impression of three-dimensional reality


(ɪˈlu ʒəˌnɪz əm)

a technique of using pictorial methods in order to deceive the eye. Compare trompe l'oeil.
il•lu`sion•is′tic, adj.


a theory or doctrine that the material world is wholly or nearly wholly an illusion. — illusionist, n.illusionistic, adj.
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Her latest exhibition in Berlin is 'Planted', a collection of works that attempt to synthesize the image/object divide - the thing represented against its presentation in actuality, through illusionistic painting reminiscent of trompe-l'oeil techniques, or a style of painting in wherein objects are depicted with photographically realistic detail.
The Momix dance company brings the landscape of the American Southwest to life with its signature illusionistic style, organizers said.
I guess we're being too illusionistic about perfect couples and relationships that we hope to experience in real life, but it won't really happen in reality," he says.
As such, it is inherently representational and, arguably, inherently illusionistic.
Indeed, the paint is applied through a spray-gun, which emits colors in vaporous jet-sprays, like mists suspended in the atmosphere and trapped within illusionistic space.
As the focus of the book is on the marginal or secondary images-within-images labelled 'parargon', in the second chapter, illusionistic frames, columns, and chambers are discussed, highlighting how mural paintings reproduced real architectural elements.
In comparison with van Mieris's mastery of light and illusionistic technique, however, it looks conventional and flat: more still than life.
The Instant Garden takes its inspiration from the illusionistic lighting of Dutch Flower Painting and uses digital software to turn photographically real flower shots into a pattern which is randomly repeated to create the illusion of a real space that mimics the composition of Arabic carpets.
His study is neither a history of illusionistic painting nor a description of the illusion in painting.
Most of the paintings I make have a very smooth, glossy finish that make the surface texture of the painting more difficult to read and contributes to an impression of deeper illusionistic space.
Pozzo was best known for his grandiose frescoes using illusionistic technique called quadratura, in which architecture and fancy are intermixed.
His multi-layered works have been described as illusionistic and myth-like, often crossing over into the world of abstraction.