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il·lu′sive·ly adv.
il·lu′sive·ness n.
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Vinluan creates a work both graphic and sculptural, illusively floating in space.
There, illusively, hovers the key to the human paradox, to man's experience of being and non-being, his dubiousness as essence and matter, intimations of transience and eternity, and the harrowing drives between uniqueness and oneness (6).
But consciously through linear logic our brain illusively separates itself from the body network and exercises self-assertive, and dominant relationships with the network to satisfy its short-term desires and entertainments (could be addiction to sugar, coffee, drug, information or other.) Our brain can be so shortsighted that it is not humble enough to realize that its own long-term sustainability is connected to the well being of the body's entire network.
The paper said that it seems that the clergies' regime is not ready to understand any language but that of force, citing that when the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia took a firm and decisive action against it and unveiled its terrorist plots before the international media and public opinion, it, illusively, tried to show that it is a civilized regime through offering apology for attacking the Saudi and Arab interests.
immediately change his/her stance and illusively promise the authorities
As an introduction to the opera, Scene I displays a fairytale setting of illusively wonderful but inconceivable circumstance.