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il·lu′sive·ly adv.
il·lu′sive·ness n.
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The paper said that it seems that the clergies' regime is not ready to understand any language but that of force, citing that when the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia took a firm and decisive action against it and unveiled its terrorist plots before the international media and public opinion, it, illusively, tried to show that it is a civilized regime through offering apology for attacking the Saudi and Arab interests.
immediately change his/her stance and illusively promise the authorities
As an introduction to the opera, Scene I displays a fairytale setting of illusively wonderful but inconceivable circumstance.
One of the most appalling practices of the government has been its coordinated and sinister attempt to sink a private bank due to the affiliations of some of its shareholders with the faith-based Hizmet movement, which the government illusively claims to be behind a putsch to derail the country on its journey to become a glorious nation with Erdoy-an at the helm.
But, as the BIS report added, "Few are ready to curb financial booms that make everyone feel illusively richer.