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il·lu′sive·ly adv.
il·lu′sive·ness n.
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He was for some time without reflection or thought for the divine charm which is in the things of nature, specially after a fantastic dream; then gradually this view of the outer world, so calm, so pure, so grand, reminded him of the illusiveness of his vision, and once more awakened memory.
The illusiveness of certainty results from the observer's nearly hopeless task.
But it has also shown its illusiveness, instability, fragility.
Even though cosmopolitanism has been criticized for its abstraction, illusiveness, absoluteness, and ignorance of uniqueness (see, e.g., Barber; Bok; Falk; Spencer, "Whose Cosmopolitanism"), scholars have been reframing this term by connecting it with reality, and approaching its interactions with individual and society from a dialectic rather than monolithic perspective.
Soloveitchik's insistence on the illusiveness of eternity and the reality of repetition or cyclical time is no more than an affirmation of life, for it is with this perspective that any "fraction of the infinite stream of time becomes precious" (149).
Nko's "survival kit" becomes what she calls "little secrets (that) make us women." Her simplicity mingled with illusiveness unsettles Ete Kamba, such that he begins to wonder if he "could cope with a woman like that" (63).
"The Illusiveness of Counting 'Victims' and the Concreteness of Ranking Countries : Trafficking in Persons from Colombia to Japan." In: ANDREAS & GREENHILL, eds.
Even though I numerically re-translate cinder I remain no closer to absolute finding akin as this is to the illusiveness gathered from tracings drifting within the field of a muon.
The 2003 Convention situates culture firmly within 'communities' despite the vagueness of the term (Hottin and Grenet, 2012: 103), and the illusiveness between social entities defined by their specific knowledge, know-how and way of life, and their essential unboundedness due to their heterogeneity and frequent lack of spokespersons or representatives (Blake, 2009: 53).