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 (ĭ-lŭs′trə-tĭv, ĭl′ə-strā′tĭv)
Acting or serving as an illustration.

il·lus′tra·tive·ly adv.
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Lavishly illustrated with comic book covers and original art, "Rise of the Superheroes" illustratively chronicles: The new frontier of DC Comics, with a revamped Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, and new characters including Hawkman; Marvel's new comics featuring Thor and The Fantastic Four; The pop art years that saw Batman's "new look" and the TV series; Independent characters, including Fat Fury and T.H.U.N.D.E.R.
Illustratively, about 400 clinical trials for Alzheimer's disease
Illustratively, one candidate who has served in private and public sector, has always quipped that any independent institution must be composed not just of independent-minded and decision-making persons, but also that institution should be free from media, Executive, Parliament, civil society, faith-based organiSations, and such organisations.
Illustratively habitual disuse of memory function effects the development of certain brain cells, if left uninterrupted over some generations.
"Illustratively for 100 patients to be treated and maintained on the above regimen would cost about Rs 45 crore, which is very high proportion of the overall drug budget which addresses several lakh patients every day," Tamil Nadu government had said, adding that either the Central government should defray the full cost of the treatment or resort to compulsory licensing of the said drugs.
Within a year of the site going online, I was using it in every class session illustratively, as the focus of discussion, as part of students' repertoires for their own class presentations, and even on final exams.
All data was analyzed illustratively using the SPSS software (version.
These studies describe verbally and/or illustratively the bilateral or unilateral presence of IAF and associated pseudolaminae in T12 (1), L1 (6), L2 (8), and L3 (2).
That's a big part of it, that's illustratively symptomatic.
To help interpret these results, we illustratively compare primary care and emergency medicine physicians.