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1. Well known and very distinguished; eminent. See Synonyms at famous.
2. Obsolete Shining brightly.

[From Latin illūstris, from illūstrāre, to give glory to, shine upon; see illustrate.]

il·lus′tri·ous·ly adv.
il·lus′tri·ous·ness n.
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Adv.1.illustriously - in an illustrious manner; "Einstein, the illustriously famous physicist of the 20th century"


[ɪˈlʌstrɪəslɪ] ADJilustremente
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Theresa May is hosting her talks with the French president at the military academy of Sandhurst, whose graduates include Winston Churchill, Prince Harry, Earl Haig and, less illustriously, Oswald Mosley and James Blunt.
In a career spanning almost five decades, Dasmunsi served the party and government illustriously," Gandhi said.
His artistic ardor was illustriously featured in the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival entry 'Die Beautiful', which earned Ballesteros accolades for his performance.
All began rather illustriously, with the piece allegedly belonging to the great prints and drawings collector Pierre-Jean Mariette, before joining the distinguished gem collection formed by the Dukes of Marlborough.
Khalid Rauf, for his part, has carried the flag forward and he has done it illustriously well.
In June, Professor Duplisea and her students choreographed a piece in which a physicist explained Entropy and Quantum Mechanics, to which the dancers moved illustriously.
This was the Batavia--the illustriously styled 'Queen of the East', a symbol of the Dutch Golden Age--which late-twentieth-century Dutch visitors would come to re-collect, lured by enchanting stories of the voc era found in Dutch history books and travel guides.
The eighteenth-century novel masterpiece Honglou meng illustriously accomplished this.
Yahya started his career with Etisalat in 1995 and has illustriously served the organization for nearly 17 years.
The 2013 schedule begins on April 27th with the first of its illustriously curated eight night tours.