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intr.v. il·lu·vi·at·ed, il·lu·vi·at·ing, il·lu·vi·ates
To undergo illuviation.

[Back-formation from illuviation.]


to deposit illuvium


(ɪˈlu viˌeɪt)

v.i. -at•ed, -at•ing.
to undergo or produce illuviation.
[1925–30; illuvi(al) + -ate1]
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The humus horizon was succeeded by a distinctly formed approximately 30 cm thick yellowish brown metamorphic illuviated B horizon (cambic Bwl) with signs of gleying and with thin grey sandy layers and brown spots of rust.
(4) With increasing time of weathering since deposition and under wetter climatic regimes, clay pellets will slake, disperse and be illuviated to form clay coatings of illite/ muscovite, kaolinite and chlorite.
Cambisol is characterized by weathering of parent material and by the absence of appreciable quantities of illuviated clay, organic matter, aluminium and/or iron compounds in the Bw horizon.
The Sanjiang Plain (43049'55"~48027'40"N, 129[degrees]11'20"~135[degrees]05'26"E) is a river basin illuviated by Heilong river, Songhua river, and Usuri river, which is the largest concentrative distribution area for freshwater marshes in northeast China.
In the deeper horizons where the pH decreases and with the accumulation of illuviated clay, the aggregates are more stable and persist.
The site has thick clayey soils (Xeralfs), with subsurface horizons stiff with illuviated clay (Bt or argillic horizon).
The spodic horizon represents an accumulation of illuviated organic matter and iron and aluminum oxides lying underneath a bleached horizon.
Qualitatively, soils developing in the uplands are the oldest in the chronosequence: lower horizons are reddened and have prominent illuviated clay cutans, with a leached E horizon.
The purpose of this study was to determine if elements other than Al and Fe are chelated by soil organic matter and illuviated to deeper soil horizons.
It means that a large part of illuviated sesquioxides appear to be derived from forest litter over time, as it was ascertained for the Nordic Podzols (Giesler et al.
The progressive obstruction of the drainage pores in the Bt horizon by the illuviated clay eventually prevents drainage and leads to waterlogging of the surface horizon.