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Badly; ill: "Beauty is jealous, and illy bears the presence of a rival" (Thomas Jefferson).




(ˈɪl i, ˈɪl li)

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And I had also noticed that his shabby trappings but illy comported with his dignified and noble bearing.
At the bottom of a flight of narrow steps the corridor turned sharply back upon itself, immediately making another turn in the original direction, so that at that point it formed a perfect letter S, the top leg of which debouched suddenly into a large chamber, illy lighted, and the floor of which was completely covered by venomous snakes and loathsome reptiles.
However it seemed likely that it would carry me once more safely through the crowded passages and chambers of the upper levels, and so I set out with Perry and Ghak--the stench of the illy cured pelts fairly choking me.
He saw the helmet of hammered brass and the corroded breastplate of steel and the long straight sword in its scabbard and the ancient harquebus--mute testimonials to the mighty physique and the warlike spirit of him who had somehow won, thus illy caparisoned and pitifully armed, to the center of savage, ancient Africa; and he saw the slender English youth and the slight figure of the girl cast into the same fateful trap from which this giant of old had been unable to escape--cast there wounded and broken perhaps, if not killed.
Nor was this less ominous than the rattle of musketry, for it suggested but a single solution to the little band of rescuers--that the illy garrisoned village had already succumbed to the onslaught of a superior force.
Poorly planted, by politics, illy attended, by politics, decimated and many times repeatedly decimated by the hostile forces of their environment, a straggling corporal's guard of survivors, they thrust their branches, twisted and distorted, as if writhing in agony, into the air.
Headed by well known Philippine/Canadian businessman Jose 'Chim' Esteban the new integrated F & B company will share food preparation across different brands all tied together by the world leading Italian designer coffee Illy.
Other lounge locations will offer illy in 2016, with the scuro dark roast coming to flights worldwide next summer.
And Illy still enjoys total recall of events in a remarkable career where the high-water mark was regaining the urn 45 years ago without his side extracting a single LBW appeal out of unyielding Aussie umpires.
The collection, Yoko Ono: Mended Cups - illy Art Collection, is inspired by Kintsugi, the Japanese technique of repairing cracked pottery with brush strokes of gold.
Dragonair is now providing a special treat for First and Business Class passengers by serving freshly brewed illy coffee inflight.
Trieste, has such a strong influence and role to play in the development of coffee," said Andrea Illy.