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Noun1.image compression - the compression of graphics for storage or transmission
compression - encoding information while reducing the bandwidth or bits required
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Image compression has become an important subject nowadays, with the increase of content that can be found on websites or on the Internet, such as static images or videos and with the advent of mobile devices and video streaming.
With the continuous development of the multimedia and the Internet application, and more and more high to the requirement of the image compression technology (Bruylants, 2015), it was found that have some static image compression standard has been difficult to meet certain requirements.
The propose algorithm for image compression utilizing the advantages of both transforms.
Electronic engineers present a textbook on image compression techniques for graduate and undergraduate students, researchers, and engineers.
This paper describes a new hybrid image compression technique based on Lapped Biorthogonal Transform (LBT) and Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) for medical images.
These algorithms are symmetric in the sense that the computational complexities characterizing image compression and reconstruction stages are almost equal.
264 fail to address the image compression requirements of medical applications, so Plextek has developed adaptive processing techniques that apply different levels of compression to different parts of an image based on specific parameters.
Topics of the 16 papers include the JPEG family of coding standards, fractal image compression, distributed compression of field snapshots in sensor networks, two-dimensional shape coding, and lossless compression of VLSI layout image data.
3) The image compression method developed by NEC enables acceleration of the display speed by double that as compared with JPEG methods due to a lighter processing load (note 1).
Axis Communications, a leader in the network video market, launched recently the AXIS 207 Network Camera, a true bandwidth-efficient network camera that utilizes MPEG-4 image compression to provide the best image quality of any camera in its class.
Barnsleyand his colleagues at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta believe that the key to image compression is in the redundancy found in natural forms.
Keywords: MATLAB, Image Compression, Mean Square Error (MSR), Huffman Encoding