image intensifier

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image intensifier


image tube

(Electronics) any of various devices for amplifying the intensity of an optical image, sometimes used in conjunction with an image converter
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Surgical Imaging Market by Modality Type (Mobile C-Arms, Mini C-Arms, and Others), Technology Type (Image Intensifier C-Arms, and Flat Panel Detector C-Arms (FPD C-Arms)), and Application (Neurosurgery, Orthopedic & Trauma Surgery, Cardiovascular Surgery, General Surgery, Other surgeries): Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2019-2026
[ClickPress, Fri Jul 26 2019] There has been a marked rise in military & defense expenditure by governments worldwide in recent years, which has driven demand for various essential equipment such as the image intensifiers. The growing incidences of internal and external threats such as terrorist attacks, domestic security issues, and uncertain war crisis, have significantly influenced growth of the image intensifier market to a certain extent.
military-grade image intensifier tubes, which are the key component in night vision devices such as goggles and weapon sights purchased by the Department of Defense for the United States military.
Others are a digital and portable X-ray machine, a digital ultrasound machine, an MRI scanner, an image intensifier, a C-Arm machine, and a digital dental X-ray machine.
He also inspected the new latest image intensifier (C Aram) machine that would help surgeons to focus on the place of surgery and to keep reviewing the procedure on screen in the orthopedic department of ASH.
We are pleased to inform Banal that the specification of 'not more than 0.85-millimeter diameter of image intensifier tube' (IIT) set by the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) is the requirement demanded by our units operating in the field.
The reduction maneuver was performed in the image intensifier room with the patient in the supine position.
To prevent the complications of open reduction and internal fixation like infection, soft tissue trauma, etc., and with the advent of image intensifier CRIF with K-wire percutaneously under image intensifier has given better results, faster healing, faster return of daily activities and faster rehabilitation.
Without the cap, the lens gets scratched, the objective lens housing is damaged and the image intensifier tube burns out.
I have seen these stars again by looking through an image intensifier device, but the narrow field of view and artificial color does not duplicate the experience.
A new image intensifier, which amplifies the very faint light of an individual cell in a way somewhat like the television screen makes its bright picture, has been developed.

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