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n. Informal
One who uses the techniques of advertising or public relations to create a favorable view, as of a person or institution.

im′age-mak′ing n.
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Here he presents photographs from the Extreme Ice Survey, a collaboration between image-makers and scientists that documents changes transforming Arctic and alpine landscapes today.
MORE for the image-makers working for Racing Enterprises Ltd (REL) to ponder?
WHEN will the BBC Midlands Today image-makers get to grips with their three leading ladies?
The Pocket Documentary gives image-makers the opportunity to capture and present what is unique about their work, says Wise Elephant, and it solves a hurdle in both sales and marketing by allowing the artist to speak directly and personally to a potential hire or audience, in a fresh way, with a visual story.
The two-part programme concludes by exploring how the press have become the royals' defining image-makers, transforming a job which generated little interest until the late 1970s.
Ed Norton, Hartlepool Council's exhibitions officer, said: "Steve McCurry is universally recognised as one of today's finest image-makers, and we are delighted to be hosting this important exhibition as part of the 2006 Tees Valley Photography Festival."
All are creative people, exceptional in their fields, image-makers in many ways.
While publicists and image-makers say the agreement is unusual, the point is not necessarily to have journalists sign on the dotted line but rather to influence the outcome of interviews by any means necessary.
Their early struggles, fueled by their love of literature and theater, with an equal dedication to finding justice and fair play for their people and others, did not allow them to become doormats for the powerful image-makers of Broadway or Hollywood.
It seems the deckchair, the last bastion of seaside eccentricity, is under threat from the image-makers who have decreed that the canvas, candy-striped fold-aways are simply too old-fashioned and should be replaced by the type of sun-loungers commonly found on the European costas.
But the Kremlin's image-makers, with the help of our own Establishment media, have successfully re-packaged Putin -- a career KGB/FSB officer, son of a commando in Stalin's NKVD, and grandson of Stalin's personal cook -- into a Christian, pro-Western Russian patriot.
Max's mum Lynn blamed their split on Charlotte's image-makers. Last night Charlotte's spokesman denied she had been grounded and said she was revising for exams.