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n. Informal
One who uses the techniques of advertising or public relations to create a favorable view, as of a person or institution.

im′age-mak′ing n.
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Montreal, Canada, March 29, 2019 --( Big news in Montreal's image-making industry: Rodeo FX has acquired Rodeo Production.
The soul breathes differently' is the artist's second solo show, in which the artist examines the practice of image-making through a deeper investigation of materiality, memory and the creative process leading up to the constructed surface.
She questions the contemporary trends of image-making with no regard to the aesthetics of visuals.
Promotional image (Edited) for the event from Photopia's Official Facebook, December 12, 2017 -- Facebook/photopiacairo CAIRO -- 12 December 2017: Paris-based visual artist Kegham Djeghalian will be conducting a workshop at Photopia titled 'Art Direction & Image-Making in Fashion' for the fourth year in a row, from Monday, December 18 until Friday, December 22.
INVENTED JUST 150 years ago, photography has transformed our image-making ability in the same way that the printing press expanded the horizons of knowledge four centuries earlier.
Goude (b.1940) helped assemble the 500-plus images presented here as a retrospective of his image-making during a long, multifaceted career.
Through image-making, Childerley investigates how mythology has been co-opted as a part of the national identity and how stories and characters have been manipulated to political ends.
The author runs a global image branding business, helping companies and individuals master critical image-making skills.
1) from the one against image-making (therefore No.
Bulgaria's wine exports could be increased by boosting the respective image-making efforts, according to Plamen Mollov, a former MP and honorary head of the Bulgarian Food and Drinks Industry Association.
The columnist claimed Berlusconi has based his 15-year political career on image-making through his television and advertising empire, but the image is wearing thin - thanks to the controversies, reports The Times.
In his late teens the legendary artist/ designer was outfitting Upper East Siders for Halston while inadvertently image-making a downtown style icon by playing dress up with his neighbor Debbie Harry, all before he'd even started designing his own line.