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A typesetting device that produces very high-resolution output directly from a computer file, as for camera-ready copy.
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(ˈɪm ɪdʒˌsɛt ər)
a printer or typesetting machine for producing professional-quality text with extremely high resolution.
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The material can be supplied in conjunction with a dry film system, which allows print service providers to benefit from solvent-free plate processing, and eliminates the need for an imagesetter.
Therefore, image matrix graphics differ from dot matrix graphics and systems like Kinemax, SecureText (Pacific Holographics, USA) or the Holographic Imagesetter (New Light Industries, USA) are not dot matrix systems.
That's down from the 45 minutes it took with a single width film imagesetter, giving us much greater flexibility and productivity," General Manager Mark Pope said in a statement.
This is followed by transferring the final image from film onto printing plates using an imagesetter, known as platemaking.
Services: Newsletters, brochures, booklets, letterheads, envelopes, business cards, computer typesetting, flyers, 4-color work, menus, placemats, notecards and imagesetter film from disk
The quality of digital data is verified before their transfer to the output unit, which can be the imagesetter, the platesetter, and the device for proofs and reproduction realization.
At the heart of the Antioch facility is the West Coast's largest imagesetter, capable of providing one-piece films up to 96.5 inches x 63.5 inches.
Then they make a large halftone negative, using an imagesetter that records the photograph at 425 linescreen.
Similarly, today's electronic pre-press department has trashed its old typesetting equipment, replacing it with a much more sophisticated, negative-generating device known as an imagesetter. "Our last piece of typesetting equipment cost us $68,000," Wilson says.
The imagesetter (equipment that images your electronic file to film) outputs a combination of dots on film as close to the PMS color as possible.
Depending on its context, however, dpi may refer to a monitor's resolution or ruling, an imagesetter preference, a scanner's input quality, a printer's output quality, and so on ad infinauseum.
One such change is the ascension of the dry-process imagesetter.