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A typesetting device that produces very high-resolution output directly from a computer file, as for camera-ready copy.


(ˈɪm ɪdʒˌsɛt ər)
a printer or typesetting machine for producing professional-quality text with extremely high resolution.
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The aim of the tender is the procurement of a glove box with integrated imagesetter for lithography in a protective atmosphere.
Sun Chemical Ink (GPI) has purchased of a Barco Gigasetter -- the largest-format imagesetter available and the only one for packaging applications on the West Coast -- to be installed at Sun Graphics' operations in Concord, CA.
Protected from high heat and humidity, DryView is designed to last as long as conventional imagesetter film.
One such change is the ascension of the dry-process imagesetter.
Contract award: supply of one (1) electronic recording machine work - imagesetter tsigas (ctp), for the purposes of d.
KEN HILLIER BELIEVES all newspapers should be able to automatically punch film on an imagesetter, not only helping to assure in-register color printing, but also eliminating what may be the last manual job left when full pagination is achieved.