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1. Having existence only in the imagination; unreal.
2. Mathematics
a. Of or being the coefficient of the imaginary unit in a complex number.
b. Of, involving, or being an imaginary number.
c. Involving only a complex number of which the real part is zero.
n. pl. i·mag·i·nar·ies Mathematics
An imaginary number.

i·mag′i·nar′i·ly adv.
i·mag′i·nar′i·ness n.
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(70) For, Bergson would assert that intuition alone could imaginarily place us in our object as if we were within it, and therefore, we would be able to know it absolutely, as necessarily monadic and multifaceted, at the same time.
Poet Robert Service made use of one such vessel, the Alice May, a derelict on the "marge of lake LeBarge" where he imaginarily cremated Sam McGee.
Indeed, in addition to imaginarily transforming her gender in order to joke, in a conversation with the family of Hugo she goes so far as to describe herself and all Spaniards as "half-French" (144).
James portrays Marcher not only as conceited and imaginarily heroic but more essentially as a commercial and egotistical animal, for Bartram is only his "buried treasure," "object of value" (45556); due to her early demise, he should "profit extraordinarily little by [her] interest" (482) in him; and after her entombment, he paces her grave like "a contented landlord reviewing a piece of property" (485).
That is to say, Lewis and Tolkien fully recognize the paradoxical truth about the art of the fantastic as a literary mode: it is, on the one hand, indispensable, as only through the verbal art can Faerie be made "real," even if only aesthetically and imaginarily; on the other hand, the art made out of words is ultimately unreliable, for its product, i.e., the (verbal) text, is the very medium that the author must move beyond in order for the imagination/sub-creation to reach or "fly" to Faerie, the Secondary Realm of Reality.
But what he has overlooked is the inscribing practice of the spectators, that is, the action of becoming involved emotionally or imaginarily in the performance by acting out incorporating practices.
At the conceptual center of it all lay Floating Chain (Fake Wall), 2014, a wormhole installation by Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe that led viewers into imaginarily abandoned museum offices and through a sequence of subverted museological displays, conjuring the logical conclusion of the acceleration in question.
The stand consists imaginarily of one hundred forest groups each with an area of 1 ha and different age from 1-100 years.
Moral credentials can be established easily, indirectly, and even imaginarily, and then be used to license immoral behavior in the real world.
Please note that [xi] [greater than or equal to] r represents "[xi] is imaginarily included in [r, +[infinity])" and [xi] [less than or equal to] r represents "[xi] is imaginarily included in (-[infinity], r]."
The corner points of the hall may be imaginarily connected to a circle that is surrounded by a quadratic corridor.
(4) Rider's attempt to revolt against his isolated and alienated position within the rubric of white Southern culture opens the reader to a temporal and spatial crossroads in which his revelation about white anthropocentric authority imaginarily completes Lucas's impotent revenge against his white relatives and rehearses the death of the deer, coding Rider's subjective disintegration and his trans-subjective engagements with the ghost and animal as thematic elements that bridge the seeming gap between the novel's negotiation of racial trauma and the transcendental spirit of Nature.