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An inn or hostel for pilgrims in Turkey.

[Turkish, from Arabic 'imāra, 'imārat-, building, from 'amara, to build; see ʕmr in Semitic roots.]


(in Turkey) a hospice for pilgrims or travellers
[C17: from Turkish, from Arabic `imārah hospice, building, from amara he built]


(ɪˈmɑr ɛt)

an inn for travelers in Turkey.
[1605–15; < Turkish < Arabic ‘imārah building]
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Noun1.imaret - a hostel for pilgrims in Turkey
auberge, hostel, hostelry, inn, lodge - a hotel providing overnight lodging for travelers
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The Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia Response and Relief Team (Imaret) will be installing the SafeWhere field water treatment system at the Kampung Kuala Koh Orang Asli settlement in Gua Musang, which is in the spotlight due to a high number of deaths among the Batek tribe living there.
Half of the complex was commissioned in 1488 as a hospital (Dar'us-sifa) and medical school (Medrese-i etibba) near the mosque (worship), tabhane (hotel), imaret (charity supplying free daily bread) (Figure 2) (4).
Having proven her acting capabilities, Sabry went on to have many acclaimed roles in films such as "Halet Hob" [A Love Situation], "Ahla El Awqat" [Best Times], "Malek Wi Ketaba" [Heads and Tails], "Imaret Yacoubian" [The Yacoubian Building], "Asmaa" [Asmaa], "Al Gezira" [The Island], "Heliopolis" [Heliopolis], and "Genent Al Asmak" [The Garden of Fish].
Imaret kavrami uzerinden erken osmanli ters t planli zaviyeleri ile ashanelerin (1) iliskisi: Osmanli ashanelerinin kokenine dair dusunceler (2).
(9) A unique feature of Ottoman life, the Imaret, finds no mention.
Bozdag visited Imaret Mosque, Taskopru Mosque, Cifte Hamam and Ottoman funeral in the southern province of Plovdiv, second largest city in the country after capital Sofia.
Questions of identity are addressed by works in the Ottoman mosque and hospice Alatza Imaret; the current situation of economic crisis, social unrest, and political change in Arab and Mediterranean countries is addressed in several politically oriented works in other venues.