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tr. & intr.v. im·brut·ed, im·brut·ing, im·brutes
To make or become brutal.


to reduce to a bestial state



v.i. -brut•ed, -brut•ing.
to sink to the level of a brute.
im•brute′ment, n.
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The animal depredator action features the first ecological relationship as an only direct, although implying imbruting and primitive animal strength; whereas the angelically / protection relationship appears in the animal mother as if an intangible value would have suddenly appeared and prevailed over the pervading tangible values conflicting between, as it is the example case.
The Son freely humiliates himself on the scale of being and assumes flesh to save humankind, whereas Satan resents impairing his being by imbruting serpentine slime to ruin the human race.
If Satan's imbruting of himself in the serpent is a warped incarnation, Eve's eating from the forbidden tree is a distorted Eucharist.