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 (ĭm′ēn′, -ĭn, ĭ-mēn′)
A highly reactive organic compound containing an NH group doubly bonded to a carbon atom.

[Alteration of amine.]

im′i·no (ĭm′ə-nō′) adj.


(ɪˈmiːn; ˈɪmiːn)
(Elements & Compounds) any of a class of organic compounds in which a nitrogen atom is bound to one hydrogen atom and to two alkyl or aryl groups. They contain the divalent group NH
[C19: alteration of amine]


abbreviation for
(Mining & Quarrying) Institution of Mining Engineers


(ɪˈmin, ˈɪm ɪn)

a compound containing the NH group united with a nonacid group.
[< German Imin 1883, alter. of Amin amine]
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Other heterocyclic compounds, piperidin-2- imine and pyrrolidinone-1,2-hydroxyethyl were detected.
More recently, Imine et al [21] used both the 'lpc' method and a sliding mode observer method to estimate road profile with some success; Doumiati.
Furthermore, phosphorus-containing reactive imine can be used as curing agent and flame retardant in epoxy resins [24], Using this "reactive" type flame retardant in curing process, which incorporates the flame-retardant elements into the epoxy networks by covalent bond, problems of "additive" type flame retardant, which incorporates the flameretardant elements into the epoxy networks by physical blending, can be avoided [29].
The main mechanism of acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity is an increase in oxidative stress and subsequent saturation of the glucuronidation and sulfation pathways of hepatic elimination, leading to more APAP being metabolized to N-acetyl-[rho]-benzoquinone imine (NAPQI).
1] represents the stretching vibrations of the benzoid (B) rings; the presence of Q and B bands clearly show that the POA coating is composed of amine and imine units; the bands at 1246 [cm.
A small fraction is oxidized by cytochrome P- 450 system resulting in production of highly reactive toxic metabolite, N- acetyl-p-benzo-quinine imine (NAPQI), which normally reacts with sulfhydryl groups in glutathione and is thereby rendered harmless3.
At low pH the polypyrrole chain exist as imine form and imine chain doped with negative counter ion of the acid.
Saudi Arabia Mining Company (Ma'aden) has selected leading leading source-to-pay procurement solutions provider Zycus' advanced Spend Analysis solution, including iAnalyze and iMine, for global leadership in spend analysis.
Pour pallier ces insuffisances, le president de la commune Imine Dounnite a fait savoir que la province de Chichaoua va consacrer, dans un premier temps, une enveloppe budgetaire estimee a 210 millions de centimes pour faire aplanir la route-Mercredi 8 octobre, l'association a organise une operation de circoncision collective au profit de 42 enfants, dont l'age varie entre 7 mois et 7 ans.
We hypothesized that ozonized oils would be ideal for wood adhesives by reacting with isocyanate functional groups of pMDI-forming amides and imine bonds.