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 (ĭm′ēn′, -ĭn, ĭ-mēn′)
A highly reactive organic compound containing an NH group doubly bonded to a carbon atom.

[Alteration of amine.]

im′i·no (ĭm′ə-nō′) adj.
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(ˈɪm əˌnoʊ)

containing the bivalent group NH not linked to any acid group.
[1900–05; independent use of imino-= imine + -o-]
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Among the numerous catalysts for this reaction, bis(imino)pyridyl (BIP) iron catalysts [2-4] with small mono-ortho-alkyls on the N-aryl rings have exhibited extremely high activity and selectivity to the target LAOs.
* Sun M, Yang HH, Tian L, Li JQ, Zhao WG (2015) Design, synthesis, and fungicidal activities of imino diacid anologs of valine amide fungicides.
The IR spectra data was used to confirm the interaction of imino nitrogen and phenolic oxygen atoms.
The studies on corrosion inhibition performance for carbon steel are quite a lot now, while there are still few studies on corrosion inhibition performance of gemini surfactants for aviation used aluminium alloys; at the same time, the corrosion inhibition studies of multi-alkyl multiple quaternary-ammonium salts cationic gemini surfactants with imino groups as spacers are more focused on using straight chain imino groups as spacers, those using branched chain imino groups as spacers are rarely reported.
As we are developing a chemosensor for TNP, the main motivation behind the synthesis of compound A is that it was expected to become a nonfluorescent moiety as photoinduced electron transfer (PET) process can take place due to presence of imino nitrogen atom [23].
Imino substituent makes phthalocyanine be more strong and potent antimicrobial agent [20].
Then, the mixture was cooled at a temperature from zero to -4[degrees]C, sodium nitrite (0.28 g, 4 mmol) in 2 mL of water was added portionwise at a temperature of -4[degrees]C to form the corresponding diazonium salt 2, and the diazonium salt formed was added to a mixture of 4-(substituted imino)pentan-2-one derivatives 3 (2 mmol) [27] in ethanol (15 mL) slowly under the same temperature allowing the mixture to stir at room temperature for an additional 3 hours.
Characterization of base-pair opening in deoxynucleotide duplexes using catalyzed exchange of the imino proton.
The imino acids proline and hydroxyproline also react with ninhydrin, but they give a yellow colored complex instead of a purple one.
1 G was found to degrade 70 per cent of thiamethoxam after 14 days of incubation wherein thiamethoxam was transformed to the nitroimino moiety to form nitrosoimino, imino and urea metabolites (9).