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1. imitation.
2. imitative.
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Our goal in learning the perfect IMIT should be to maximize the therapeutic effect of the medication being delivered and to eliminate or minimize the complications and discomfort from IM injections.
The two primary programs at NIM where IMIT is used are the Couples Intensive program and the Marriage Intensive program.
The purpose of this article is to document the theoretical and technical elements of IMIT as it is currently being practiced at NIM.
Before examining the theoretical and historical context of Integrative Marital Intensive Therapy (IMIT), it is important to note that the IMIT team of professionals have been primarily guided by pragmatic values in working with marriages in distress.
IMIT is deeply rooted in the tradition of family therapy and this is evidenced by the strict adherence to seeing couples versus seeing individuals.
Therapists using IMIT place a premium on client's emotional expressions and "in the moment" emotional experience.
It may be that like EFT, IMIT may find useful theoretical insight for it's development in Bowlby's attachment theory.
Further IMIT utilizes the use of communication skills and conflict resolution skills training, where EFT would not generally directly train and coach spouses in communication.
In particular IMIT will identify and challenge client's beliefs, expectations, and perceptions about themselves, their spouse and how marriage relationships should function.
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