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1. Impeccably clean; spotless: "The room was as spare and immaculate as a monk's cell" (Caroline Preston).
2. Free from sin.
3. Free from fault or error: an immaculate record on the job.
4. Biology Having no spots or marks.

[Middle English immaculat, from Latin immaculātus : in-, not; see in-1 + maculātus, past participle of maculāre, to blemish (from macula, spot).]

im·mac′u·late·ly adv.
im·mac′u·late·ness n.
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Noun1.immaculateness - the state of being spotlessly clean
cleanness - the state of being clean; without dirt or other impurities
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Indeed, it was an axiom with her that the cook can do no wrong; and a cook in a Southern kitchen finds abundance of heads and shoulders on which to lay off every sin and frailty, so as to maintain her own immaculateness entire.
The expense of a silk saree to a great extent relies upon the sum and the immaculateness of the zari.
However, that 'decisive blow' can only be done using the 'hammer' in possession of persons with hands that, in conscience, can pass the test of immaculateness. And we mean hands that are not only those of the President's but those of the men and women he has chosen to help him run his administration.