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Bass sees the "theologically discontent" as contributing to a positive understanding of God's immanence.
Roach then considers the relationship between dialectics, cosmopolitanism and state power through a survey of contemporary interpretations of Marxism (such as the work of Gramsci, Fanon and Lukacs) demonstrating how the underlying tension between material dialectics and theorizations of immanence have led to the radical reinterpretation of Hegel's notion of immanence and logic by the Frankfurt School.
The worlds of myth" ["Los mundos del mito"] is a very interesting study on the apparently opposite concepts of immanence and transcendence applied to myths.
In contrast, there is also death and the immanence of death.
Semiotics no longer dares ask whether it is still generative or interpretive, it rather questions the posture of immanence, the principles of textuality and wonders what attitude to adopt towards new mining methods and the automatic analysis of large databases that do not follow the principles of textuality.
I contend that Islam has a similar conception to immanence precisely in the doctrine of tawhid.
Many examine Taylor's key explanatory distinction between transcendence and immanence, most thoroughly in Paul Janz's searching analysis from a philosophically sophisticated neo-orthodox perspective.
Deleuze and the Naming of God: Post-Secularism and the Future of Immanence.
But maybe that's the essence of spiritual connection, and of an event like the Kumbh Mela: our ability to disappear amid the immanence of spiritual belief, in ways both good and bad.
In his final essay entitled "Immanence: A Life," Deleuze writes: "It is only when immanence is no longer immanence to anything other than itself that we can speak of a plane of immanence.
Immanence is probably one of the most important concepts in Deleuze's philosophy.
It is only by thoroughly pursuing immanence that we paradoxically arrive at the radical outside, which "withdraws" even as it "attracts," leaving us with nothing but a multiplicity of voices demanding from us the indefinite work of freedom and responsibility, that is, with the calling of thinking.