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1. Of no importance or relevance; inconsequential or irrelevant. See Synonyms at irrelevant.
2. Having no material body or form.

im′ma·te′ri·al·ly adv.
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Indeed, while what was constituted by the soul and whether it might be materially or immaterially located, cognitive or immortal, were matters of scholarly debate, 'most early moderns understood their bodies to be very permeable to environmental influences', and the attitude that these influences might affect their soul was prevalent.
Kindred will continue to guarantee all rent due to Ventas; and existing lease escalations for all SNFs whose leases are renewed, if any, will be immaterially improved for Ventas and all LTACH lease escalations will remain unchanged.
The existentially neutral quantitative quiddity, which existed materially in a physical being in the material world, now comes to exist immaterially in the mind of the mathematician.
Thomas distinguished two kinds of forma according to "mode," "since the thing understood is immaterially in the one who understands, according to the mode of the intellect, and not materially, according to the mode of a material thing.
63]), he hopes instead that, even while wasting away of "consumption," he can breathe his uninscribed beliefs imperishably, because immaterially, into a surrogate self.
Samara is thus both human body and videotape, and her body is able to extend through media technologies and, terrifyingly, she is capable of doing so physically rather than only immaterially.
Some beggars offer material returns whereas others give back immaterially.
The net present value of the option is immaterially small because the reversion and change in use is far into the future.
Those stained 1951 paintings, in which the paint seeps almost immaterially into unprimed canvas, would be declared by Fried to be possibly the artist's greatest successes, for they pointed toward the achievements, most notably, of Morris Louis, whom Fried charged with carrying forward the trajectory of modernist painting.
The working class (such as the manually labouring fishermen) could, in other circumstances, be contacted--even embraced--by the higher class (such as the immaterially labouring filmmakers), but disgust toward poverty has also been reinforced through repetition.
At the 75th percentile level, the very high retentions ($1 million and $2 million) still look to be the best choices, being immaterially higher in the soft market and lower in the expected and hard markets.