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Capable of being completely immersed in water without suffering damage: an immersible hot plate.
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Arslan of PAF KIET Karachi have designed and implemented an immersible CMOS single-chip tag that monitors the vaccine temperature continuously and maintains a complete log to indicate whether the vaccine in a particular vial is fit for use or not.
Initially, the immersible pump (15 m, 3.0 m 3/h, 550 W, GRUNDFOS) pumped raw water into the feed tank where the lake water mixed with titania powder.
Now, the library--which opened just a month behind schedule--showcases technology such as a 270-degree immersible video wall.
They are amazing, and such an immersible way to learn about the process of glass, the kids (and big kids) will love wandering though them.
The soluble oxidation products were removed from suspensions using Millipore immersible CX-30 ultrafiltration units (Millipore Corporation, Milford, MA, USA).
These immersible chairs are attached to a small lift arm that swings over and into the water with the push of a button.
Nikon has also touted it to be waterproof, and is immersible upto 100 feet.
Immersible to a depth of up to one metre (three feet), the radio can be operated in extremes of temperature from -40 to +70 degrees Celsius [c] Barrett
Each of the two production lines at the was supplied with hot water by five immersible pumps.
The immersible transducers are designed for use in a heavy, industrial environment.
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