immersion foot

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Noun1.immersion foot - resembling frostbite but without freezingimmersion foot - resembling frostbite but without freezing; resulting from exposure to cold and wet
cryopathy, frostbite - destruction of tissue by freezing and characterized by tingling, blistering and possibly gangrene
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Foi caracterizado como pes de imersao em agua morna (PIAM), ou warm-water immersion foot (WWIF), o quadro clinico que cursa com dor nas regioes plantares, enrugamento e palidez, decorrentes da hiper-hidratacao do estrato corneo 5.
Trenchfoot (now called immersion foot)--a concomitant of water plus cold temperatures, and which can lead to gangrene--was rampant in World War II, when combatants often stood in water for hours on end.
The usual treatment for trench foot (or immersion foot, as it is called in medical circles) is thorough drying, regular changes of sock, the avoidance of constrictive footwear and lots of rest.