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Noun1.immigrant class - recent immigrants who are lumped together as a class by their low socioeconomic status in spite of different cultural backgrounds
social class, socio-economic class, stratum, class - people having the same social, economic, or educational status; "the working class"; "an emerging professional class"
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The couple, Gacalo and Mugdi, are part of a professional immigrant class who have been living in Norway for some time.
Stanley, in contrast, a successful salesman, is a rising member of the industrial urban immigrant class.
The final class in the independent economic category is the business immigrant class which seeks to attract investors and business people to Canada who will contribute to job creation and economic development.
There is no better cure for the social ills of our community and no better process for the education of an immigrant class than providing a great teacher, a core curriculum, a disciplined school culture, and strong accountability.
Immigrants who applied as economic immigrant class are called primary applicants of immigration in this study.
Indians are the richest immigrant class in the US, with nearly 200,000 millionaires.
Specifically, the analysis focuses upon (i) the proportional distribution of new arrivals, the difference between the intended and current settlement patterns and the difference between the initial and observed settlement patterns at the provincial and CMA scales; (ii) prevalence of post-arrival mobility and (iii) post-arrival mobility with respect to immigrant class (family, economic or refugee status).
Bender adorns the cover with a striking artistic depiction of what he sees as the central trope of Jewish immigrant class consciousness.
While we cannot measure immigrant class directly, we present subsidiary evidence that SA participation is correlated with arrival from countries that were leading sources of refugees over the period.
Boston's immigrant class, primarily the Irish, did most of the unskilled work.
A MANOVA, controlling for length of residence, evaluated whether there were immigrant class differences in the educational success of the next generation (specifically, in terms of GPA and achievement motivation).
High School Trajectory Six Months After Arrival by Immigrant Class Behind On-track Family class 77.2% 22.8% Skilled workers 69.3% 30.7% Business class 60.9% 39.1% Refugees 76.7% 23.3% Note: Table made from bar graph.