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That cannot undergo mixing or blending: immiscible elements.

im·mis′ci·bil′i·ty n.
im·mis′ci·bly adv.
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SEM micrographs have shown the existence of dispersed domains of PE-LD, as well as PE-HD, in the PLA matrix, which indicates immiscibility of the two phases.
We have also recently developed Silmer ACRN products which are tetrafunctional UV reactive products that provide slip, flexibility and impact resistance with less problems from immiscibility such as loss of clarity or gloss.
A general feature of these lipid mixtures is that they display liquid immiscibility (18-22).
Phase separation (Immiscibility), followed by a trapping process of carbonic components (C[O.sub.2] [+ or -] CH4) and liquid-rich fluid inclusions simultaneously (Ramboz et al., 1982, Diamond, 1990).
and Tang, Y.: 2018, Lanthanide tetrads with implications for liquid immiscibility in an evolving magmatic-hydrothermal system: Evidence from rare earth elements in zircon from the No.
Complete immiscibility is often caused by missing melting range overlap or missing liquid phase.
The Instability and Immiscibility Regions in MgxZn1-xSySe1-y alloys.
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Igneous processes such as partial melting, crustal assimilation, melt immiscibility, and fractional crystallization, along with crustal metasomatism, can lead to the formation of REE-enriched carbonatite, alkaline, and peralkaline melts [2, 10-15].
MFFT could not be recorded based on the creeping and film issues seen when Loxanol CA 5310 was used in Latex B (due to immiscibility).