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tr.v. im·mis·er·at·ed, im·mis·er·at·ing, im·mis·er·ates
To make miserable; impoverish.

[New Latin immiserāre, immiserāt- (translation of German verelenden, to sink into misery : ver-, causative pref. + Elend, poverty) : Latin in-, causative pref.; see in-2 + Latin miser, wretched.]

im·mis′er·a′tion n.
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(ɪˈmɪs əˌreɪt)
v.t. -at•ed, -at•ing.
to make wretched; impoverish.
[1940–45; im-3 + miser(able) + -ate1; translation of German Verelendung]
im•mis`er•a′tion, n.
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The aim of its hardliners is to make Iran's economy scream and immiserate its people, believing these tactics can topple its legitimate government that the US wants replaced with a pro-Western puppet rule it controls.
The booming postwar economy had created unprecedented material abundance across the developed world, discrediting claims by the old Marxist Left that capitalism would immiserate the working classes.
If Netanyahu partially annexes the West Bank - Area C - it will be simply another stage in Israel's tireless efforts to immiserate the Palestinian population and bully them into leaving.
In his now famous monologue on Fox News, Tucker Carlson argued that American elites are using ruthless market forces to enrich themselves and immiserate everyone else.
This latter point is precisely why democratic governance will be the bane of China in Africa because opposition activists and pro-democracy forces, that are mostly sponsored by the West, strike a stark contrast with Chinas investment deals with authoritarian African regimes that oppress and immiserate their people.
liberation from toil, or that it will immiserate all but the fortunate
Buffie, and Zanna (2018), who develop overlapping-generation models in which rapid labor-saving technological advances generate short-run gains for skilled workers and capital owners, but in the longer run, immiserate those who are not able to invest in physical or human capital.
Other critics say it will explode the deficit, enrich the undeserving rich, immiserate the underserved poor, and ring a"death knell" for the sinking middle class.
furlough the worker, immiserate the consumer, and depress the American
To the extent that sanctions immiserate populations, they unite nationalist opposition to the foreigners imposing them.
The Labour Law, still being prepared by the government, is another law will further immiserate and curtail the rights of workers.
also powerful enough to immiserate and oppress them.