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tr.v. im·mis·er·at·ed, im·mis·er·at·ing, im·mis·er·ates
To make miserable; impoverish.

[New Latin immiserāre, immiserāt- (translation of German verelenden, to sink into misery : ver-, causative pref. + Elend, poverty) : Latin in-, causative pref.; see in-2 + Latin miser, wretched.]

im·mis′er·a′tion n.


another word for immiserization
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But none of those issues are matters of not merely life and death but of wholesale slaughter and mass immiseration.
But it is in that very shift that Stoll identifies the region's turn toward immiseration.
There are no safe spaces left for poor minority youth only the promise of immiseration and a jail cell.
On the Edge offers an extended consideration of literary and cultural responses to what we might consider the long background to this most recent iteration of human immiseration in this borderland.
It should be noted that The Clintons' Anti-Working-Class Record is emphatically not a pro-Republican or pro-Trump manifesto; the focus is on the Clintons' culpability in a status quo of immiseration for the working class.
Racialized Neoliberal Capitalism and Imperialism in the Era of Austerity and Immiseration.
The trend away from the free-trade bandwagon has even infiltrated the International Monetary Fund --the institution responsible for the immiseration of millions through its austerity programs.
Embourgeoisment, Immiseration, Commodification-Marxism Revisited: a Critique of Education in Capitalist Systems.
00 Crime and Punishment - Burjesta Theatre's Autumn production is an in-house adaptation of Fyodor Dostoevsky's 19th century classic novel, 'Crime and Punishment' set among the poverty and immiseration of Petersburg, Russia.
They likely sped up a process of immiseration that would have taken place in any case.
For McRobbie, however, immiseration is not the only story.
Consensus politics precipitated that crisis and saw to it that those who profited from the immiseration of the American people were not only not punished, but rewarded.