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Electrical impedance or admittance.

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Hearing Screening Diagnostic Devices Market Analysis by Product (OAE/ABR Testing Devices, Audiometers, Immittance Screeners), Age (Newborn Hearing Screening, Others), Indication (Conductive Hearing Loss, Sensorineural Hearing Loss, Combination Hearing Loss), Test (Pure-tone Test, Bone Conduction Test), End-user (Hospital & Clinics, Diagnostic Centers), And Forecast To 2023
They cover pure-time audiometry, speech audiometry, immittance testing, and audiogram workbook.
Acoustic immittance measurements are fundamental in the identification of these alterations, however they do not quantify the degree of hearing loss [2].
Audiometer, Immittance, Otoscope, TDH 49 Headphones.
Thus, when monitoring the capacitance and tangent of the dielectric loss angle tg[delta] of the hull insulation system at frequency of 10 kHz (above resonant), the readings of the immittance meter become negative: C = -2.8639 nF < 0.
Type A tympanograms were obtained from acoustic immittance tests, and there was no inner ear anomaly in patients revealed by MRI.
Every frame contains a linear prediction analysis (LPA) and the LP coefficients are converted to immittance spectrum pairs (ISP) coefficients.
Then 120 cases (240 ears) with complete data of pure tone audiometry and acoustic immittance test were selected as an AN1 group, which was compared with 30 patients (49 ears) with general sensorineural hearing loss (SHL) in regard to the results of pure tone audiometry and acoustic immittance test.
These tests, together with acoustic immittance testing, are used to determine the type and degree of hearing loss and help doctors to diagnose presbycusis.
An immittance metric study was performed for evaluating middle ear functions.
High Precision Synthesis of a Richards Immittance via Parametric Approach, [Software], Available: