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Noun1.immobilisation - fixation (as by a plaster cast) of a body part in order to promote proper healing; "immobilization of the injured knee was necessary"
preservation, saving - the activity of protecting something from loss or danger
2.immobilisation - the act of limiting movement or making incapable of movement; "the storm caused complete immobilization of the rescue team"
restraint - the act of controlling by restraining someone or something; "the unlawful restraint of trade"
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Radiotherapy solutions company CIVCO Radiotherapy disclosed on Wednesday the launch of an exclusive global provider agreement for ESSEBI MEDICAL Srl, Republic of San Marino's TOTIM immobilisation products.
Dubai: American Hospital Dubai announced that it has successfully treated more than 10 cancer patients with the CIVICO trUpoint ARCH SRS / SRT and Body Pro-Lok ONE SBRT Immobilisation Systems, which are designed to deliver radiation therapy to cancer patients.
The Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of RTL Group, held on 25 May 2016, acknowledged that 48,158 physical bearer shares of RTL Group had not been registered in accordance with the provisions of the law of 28 July 2014 regarding the immobilisation of bearer shares in Luxembourg (Immobilisation Law).
According to Ofix, the Encompass has been used for intracranial radiotherapy treatments for nearly a year and is now cleared to achieve sub-millimeter immobilisation to precisely treat multiple lesions with a single isocenter.
Table 3: Closed Reduction--Cast Immobilisation Pain Frykmann scale Palmar Dorsi Name class core Flexion Flexion Selvi EA 2 58 65 Ramayammal EA 3 60 62 Murugan EA 1 60 62 Kumar EA 1.
Enzyme immobilisation using siliceous mesoporous molecular sieves, J.
When increments on protein load do not represent an increase of the differential immobilisation grade (diff.
Objective: To determine the staining grades and morphological changes in the cells of articular cartilage of patella on immobilisation and re-mobilisation in rats.
The purified 58 kDa protein from Achyranthes aspera caused the immediate immobilisation of sperms as compared to that of control in a dose dependent manner.
Immobilisation causes long lasting matrix changes in the immobilised and contralateral joint cartilage.
Despite the advancement in operative technique, patients are often required to be temporarily treated in an immobilisation splint to be stabilized medically or for other reasons.
of Sheffield) has worked at the Immobilisation Science Laboratory since 2002, and Lee (materials, Imperial College, London) also long worked there until two years ago.