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Exceeding normal or appropriate bounds; inordinate: immoderate spending; immoderate laughter. See Synonyms at excessive.

[Middle English, from Latin immoderātus : in-, not; see in-1 + moderātus, past participle of moderārī, to moderate; see med- in Indo-European roots.]

im·mod′er·ate·ly adv.
im·mod′er·a′tion n.
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Noun1.immoderation - the quality of being excessive and lacking in moderation
degree, level, grade - a position on a scale of intensity or amount or quality; "a moderate grade of intelligence"; "a high level of care is required"; "it is all a matter of degree"
excessiveness, inordinateness, excess - immoderation as a consequence of going beyond sufficient or permitted limits
moderation, moderateness - quality of being moderate and avoiding extremes
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Summary: It has shown that stupidity, vulgarity and immoderation can provide a revenue model for better business.
Republicans believe there are Democrats on the conference committee and in the larger Democratic conference who do not share Pelosi's immoderation. But where, exactly, most Democrats stand on the barrier issue is not entirely clear.
In the Safire's Political Dictionary extremism has been defined as "a position at the either end of the ideological spectrum and home of politically far-out." The Greenwood Encyclopedia of International Relations defines extremism as, "immoderation in policy or in one's intellectual political, or social opinions and judgments" (Cathal, 2002).
More than anything else, God wishes man to be happy and He continuously seeks to increase his happiness, despising havoc, promiscuity and immoderation, but He does not disapprove of
Law premised on the state system is nothing but an immoderation....
Lerner presents a Montesquieuan Gibbon who made "prodigious efforts in leading his readers to recognize and reject immoderation and hatred in all their guises," including, it seems, hyper-progressive ones.
Caesar contrasts Antony's present immoderation with his past virtue when he crossed the Alps while enduring harsh famine:
The youth started to be leaders of tomorrow to ensure that they are clear on one agenda to not accept immoderation in any shape and size.
LAHORE -- Pakistan Muslim League (PML) senior central leader and former Deputy Prime Minister Ch Parvez Elahi has said that Shehbaz Sharif is committing immoderation and oppression with the doctors which is making patients more miserable.
If the ancients were immoderate in their moderation, the moderns were not moderate enough in their immoderation (Rosen, 1989, p.
Environmental factors such as alcoholic consumption, cigarette addiction, and diet immoderation play a smaller role in the onset of chronic pancreatitis than found in adults; thus, the etiology of juvenile CP can be distinct from adult patients [7].
So, it may be considered an immoderation of dihedral order 8.