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tr.v. im·mo·lat·ed, im·mo·lat·ing, im·mo·lates
1. To kill (an animal, for instance) as a religious sacrifice.
2. To kill, especially by fire: "[The soldiers] are crushed under rocks, pierced by bullets, immolated by flamethrowers" (A.O. Scott).

[Latin immolāre, immolāt-, to sacrifice, sprinkle with sacrificial meal : in-, on; see in-2 + mola, meal, millstone; see melə- in Indo-European roots.]

im′mo·la′tion n.
im′mo·la′tor n.
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He is provided with earlier photographs by a Tibetan writer but treats his 40 subjects as though he knew them personally, pointing out the first immolator, the youngest, and the first woman.
Here the father is not one; he is a monster who engenders a monster with no trace of the heroic figures of Abraham or Agamemnon, to name a couple of immolator genitors.
They Who Burned Themselves for Peace: Quaker and Buddhist Self Immolators
102) While the vast majority of the self-immolated individuals conveyed messages calling for greater political freedom, two immolators (103) carried out their protests near the entrance of a mining site.
It followed an earlier first immolation of a Tibetan former monk Thupten Ngodrup, in Delhi in 1998, which in its shocking unprecedence has been referenced by subsequent immolators inside Tibet, most notably a senior Lama Sobha (a.