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tr.v. im·mor·tal·ized, im·mor·tal·iz·ing, im·mor·tal·iz·es
To make immortal.

im·mor′tal·i·za′tion (-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
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He said the immortalization of the late Ekwueme was to encourage hard work and dedication among the people of the state and the country at large.
27] TIP30 deletion enhanced proliferation of primary mammary epithelial cells and resulted in rapid immortalization of mammary epithelial cells in vitro relative to wild-type cells.
On the pathway to her own immortalization, Cleopatra keeps Antony near to her after he is dead by saying that his voice was "propertied / As all the tuned spheres.
Immortalization of human cells, by Regina Grillan (BOKU, Austria)
How and why the immortalization process happens -- media coverage, Hollywood, family activism -- is the question this captivating project answers.
The E7 protein is primarily localized to the nucleus and has been shown to cause cellular proliferation, immortalization and transformation (McMurray et al.
Their topics include the order and movement of eternity: Karl Barth on the eternity of God and creaturely time, the resonating body in triune eternity, towards a doctrine of resurrection, Eucharist and immortality: Reformed reflections on the eschatological dimension of the sacrament, and technological immortalization and original mortality: Karl Barth on the celebration of finitude.
Although such a model can be instrumental for initial screening it may pose some limitations because of the mere isolation, changes associated with immortalization, loss of its location in the gland, variations in lipid synthesis, difficulties to separate sebum and stratum comeum produced lipids and alike.
Notably, moderately increased SOD3 levels stimulate cell proliferation, mimicking the function of the RAS oncogene in primary cultures and causing mitogenic burst followed by growth arrest-related senescence, immortalization of primary cells, and even transformation of the cells together with additional changes in cellular signaling [63, 85-87].
Following EBV- latent infection and immortalization of B cells, EBV induces RNA synthesis, immune-globulin secretion, and the expression of B-cell markers, DNA synthesis, and cell division.
But for James the real symbolic significance of these monuments lies in a "reflection of the quality of imagination that vainly seeks immortalization through the stone rather than the flesh" (Ellis 29).
Despite the flaws and absurdities of that era, a tremendous amount of life force and creativity emerged from the radical reorientation of the Catholic Church through Vatican II, the emergence of The Beatles, and the immortalization of such icons as Martin Luther King and Pope John XXIII.