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2. Any of several coral trees, especially Erythrina fusca or E. poeppigiana.

[French, from feminine of immortel, immortal, from Old French; see immortal.]


(Plants) any of various plants, mostly of the family Asteraceae (composites), that retain their colour when dried, esp Xeranthemum annuum. Also called: everlasting or everlasting flower
[C19: from French (fleur) immortelle everlasting (flower)]


(ˌɪm ɔrˈtɛl)

everlasting (def. 7).
[< French, n. use of feminine of immortel immortal]
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Noun1.immortelle - mostly widely cultivated species of everlasting flowers having usually purple flowersimmortelle - mostly widely cultivated species of everlasting flowers having usually purple flowers; southern Europe to Iran; naturalized elsewhere
everlasting, everlasting flower - any of various plants of various genera of the family Compositae having flowers that can be dried without loss of form or color
genus Xeranthemum - genus of annual densely hairy herbs of Mediterranean to southwestern Asia
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All visitors linger pensively about it; all young people capture and carry away keepsakes and mementoes of it; all Parisian youths and maidens who are disappointed in love come there to bail out when they are full of tears; yea, many stricken lovers make pilgrimages to this shrine from distant provinces to weep and wail and "grit" their teeth over their heavy sorrows, and to purchase the sympathies of the chastened spirits of that tomb with offerings of immortelles and budding flowers.
Go when you will, you find it furnished with those bouquets and immortelles.
When I find it I shall shed some tears on it, and stack up some bouquets and immortelles, and cart away from it some gravel whereby to remember that howsoever blotted by crime their lives may have been, these ruffians did one just deed, at any rate, albeit it was not warranted by the strict letter of the law.
I wish I had my immortelles back, now, and that bunch of radishes.
The brooding willow whispered to the yew; Beneath, the deadly nightshade and the rue, With immortelles self-woven into strange Funereal shapes, and horrid nettles grew.
Upon entering, guests will feel a sense of wonderment, they will be transported to the lavender fields of Provence, learn about L'Occitane's expertise in the art of extraction, and visit the land of Corsica, home of the powerful Immortelle flower," said Paul Blackburn, North American vice president of concept design, construction and merchandising.
The yellow immortelle flowers, best known in the U.
L'Occitane Divine Harmony Cream contains the moisturizing properties of Jania Rubens and Immortelle Millesimee, which hydrate and rejuvenate aging skin.
Making use of instruments like keyboard, flute, piano, cello, guitar, and voice, Immortelle is relaxing, melodic, and thoughtfully constructed.
Virospack recently produced a spatula cap for L'Occitane's Essence Lumiere Immortelle Brightening Essence.
Si son visage angelique a quitte le monde des vivants pour rejoindre l'Au-dela, sa voix immortelle continue d'accompagner et de bercer tous les melomanes qui ne peuvent et ne pourront jamais oublier ses belles et inoubliables melodies, car Raja Belmlih a magistralement et admirablement marque la chanson nationale.
The first is 'Jasmine - Immortelle - Neroli', which includes an eau de toilette, shower gel, body lotion, shimmering body powder, perfumed soap, hand cream and lip gloss.