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a. Impossible to move.
b. Incapable of movement.
2. Impossible to alter: immovable plans.
3. Unyielding in principle, purpose, or adherence; steadfast.
4. Incapable of being moved emotionally.
5. Law Of or relating to things, such as trees and buildings, attached to real property: immovable property.
1. One that cannot move or be moved.
2. often immovables Law Things that are attached to real property.

im·mov′a·bil′i·ty, im·mov′a·ble·ness n.
im·mov′a·bly adv.
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Noun1.immovability - not capable of being moved or rearranged
immobility - the quality of not moving
tautness, tightness - lack of movement or room for movement
fixity, fastness, fixedness, secureness, fixture - the quality of being fixed in place as by some firm attachment
steadiness, firmness - the quality of being steady or securely and immovably fixed in place
movability, movableness - the quality of being movable; capable of being moved or rearranged
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In astronomy it was the immovability of the earth, in history it is the independence of personality- free will.
In raiding and plundering be like fire, is immovability like a mountain.
That he effaced himself from it went for nothing; she saw him there perhaps more clearly than anything else, the central and domineering figure, a man of brains and nerve who, with his life in his hands, faced with equal immovability a herculean task and the chances of death.
The unnaturalness of her crime stood out the more harshly by the side of her hard immovability and obstinate silence.
It seemed to her that there was something strange about the immovability of his features.
Its apparent immovability, and the want of communication with the outside, prevented them from solving the question.
This immovability of face, and the habit of taking a pinch of snuff before he gave an answer, made him trebly oracular to Mr.
She has only one royal attribute: a perfect immovability of expression under all circumstances, and that rather a sullen one.
According to BlueWeave Consulting, the Global Active Network Management Market is expected to grow with a significant rate during the forecast period 2019-2025, owing to the rising demand for high grid immovability, real-time valuation, and necessity for automation in power management solutions.
After the military insignia on MS Dhoni's wicketkeeping gloves created a furore, zing bails have now gone viral on social media with fans fuming and wondering about the immovability of the horizontal led bars placed on the stumps.
"Central to his personality was a constancy, an immovability. He was fixed in his views."
(23.) Kyla Jane Hazell, Immovability as the coloniality of frozen