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Adj.1.immoveable - not able or intended to be movedimmoveable - not able or intended to be moved; "the immovable hills"
immobile - not capable of movement or of being moved
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Dashwood's situation, with only common feelings, must have been highly unpleasing;-- but in HER mind there was a sense of honor so keen, a generosity so romantic, that any offence of the kind, by whomsoever given or received, was to her a source of immoveable disgust.
The aggregated Soyle Death with his Mace petrific, cold and dry, As with a Trident smote, and fix't as firm As DELOS floating once; the rest his look Bound with GORGONIAN rigor not to move, And with ASPHALTIC slime; broad as the Gate, Deep to the Roots of Hell the gather'd beach They fasten'd, and the Mole immense wraught on Over the foaming deep high Archt, a Bridge Of length prodigious joyning to the Wall Immoveable of this now fenceless world Forfeit to Death; from hence a passage broad, Smooth, easie, inoffensive down to Hell.
She ended weeping, and her lowlie plight, Immoveable till peace obtain'd from fault Acknowledg'd and deplor'd, in ADAM wraught Commiseration; soon his heart relented Towards her, his life so late and sole delight, Now at his feet submissive in distress, Creature so faire his reconcilement seeking, His counsel whom she had displeas'd, his aide; As one disarm'd, his anger all he lost, And thus with peaceful words uprais'd her soon.
I am resolute and immoveable. If you are determined to be the same, your blood be upon your own head!'
And there are shining gates and an immoveable threshold of bronze having unending roots and it is grown of itself (25).
They appeared to me white -- whiter than the sheet upon which I trace these words -- and thin even to grotesqueness; thin with the intensity of their expression of firmness -- of immoveable resolution -- of stern contempt of human torture.
she is dead!" screamed Mary, catching hold of her husband, and contributing with his own horror to make him immoveable; and in another moment, Henrietta, sinking under the conviction, lost her senses too, and would have fallen on the steps, but for Captain Benwick and Anne, who caught and supported her between them.
Edward, with his ears lying back, remained immoveable.
Taking cognizance of the matter, inquiry was authorized to ascertain the real facts and collect requisite evidence regarding moveable and immoveable properties owned, controlled and possessed by the accused in his own name and in the name of his dependents.
For example, "wealth will be calculated differently for people who have no sources of income and yet large amounts of property, while the issue of immoveable property will be calculated differently for those who are single parents or disabled."
Joe Jackson is predicting a clash of the titans as the immoveable object lies in the path of the unstoppable force tomorrow.
The tehsildar, joint sub-registrar and sub-registrar (rural) did not collect the tax at the time of registering or attesting the transfer of immoveable property at the prescribed rate.