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Adj.1.immunised - having been rendered unsusceptible to a diseaseimmunised - having been rendered unsusceptible to a disease
insusceptible, unsusceptible - not susceptible to
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Minister for Health and Ambulance Services Cameron Dick said parliament supported new measures to allow childcare centres to exclude children who are not fully immunised against vaccine-preventable diseases.
The DHO said children of up to two years age would be also immunized of various diseases while pregnant women would be immunised of various diseases during the drive.
He will then be treated as an index case here where he will be isolated, immunised and those who came in contact with him will be immunised as the inactive virus will stimulate the body to develop an antigen against it.
There were 288 cases in England in April - the most recorded in a month and proof the problem has spread from Wales, where 60,000 have been immunised.
The 10-17 age group is most at risk because they were due to be immunised during the controversy over the MMR jab.
A sample of 118 parents of partially immunised children was achieved, with a control group of 124 parents of fully immunised children drawn at random from the Child Health System.
Measles is caused by a very infectious virus, most commonly found in young children who have not been immunised.
MILLIONS of children have been immunised against polio during the past 30 years through Rotary International's worldwide campaign called Purple Pinkies Against Polio.
Nationally since 1997 the number of children under five years old immunised with MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine has fallen from 91.
An HPA spokesman said: "Most of those immunised were 16 or 17 years old and boys outnumbered girls by about two to one.
They fear many have slipped through the net because parents are not sure if their children have had the jab at school or need to be immunised by their GP.
I would not want to expose my child to that level of risk,nor would I want it on my conscience if he infected another child who then died because I refused to get him immunised.