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n. inmunocito. V.: lymphocyte
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PGs have a protective effect in the stomach, including acid secretion, production of mucus, regulation of mucosal blood flow, epithelial cell turnover and repair, and mucosal immunocyte function.
The immunocyte is activated and the respiratory burst creates amount of reactive oxygen species (ROS).
Immunopotentiation of caffeoyl glycoside from Picrorhiza scrophulariiflora on activation and cytokines secretion of immunocyte in vitro.
Nowadays, PS is interpreted as the outcome of an inappropriate immunocyte (mainly T cell)-based activation event to an unknown antigen [29].
As a vital immunocyte in the central nervous system (CNS), microglia can be activated in the neurological disorders above.
Among these functions, APS has been most widely studied, mainly for its immunopotentiating properties such as stimulating immunocyte proliferation and cytokine production to defend against cancer [9].
Cytokines are soluble molecules that mediate communication among various immunocyte types in vertebrate immune systems.
In soluble form it induces immunocyte chemotaxis, while in transmembrane form CXCF16 mediates cell-cell adhesion [1, 3,4].
With regard to detailed mechanisms, previous studies demonstrated that curcumin may target several classical signaling pathways, such as MAPK and NF-kB, and regulate immunocyte activity and a variety of cytokine expression.
The immunocyte studies and structural cell research are the two main directions.
In order to investigate the correlation between the CTC number and the immunocyte distribution or clinical-pathological features, correlation analyses were performed between CTC number and distribution of immunocytes.