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 (ĭm′yə-nō-dĭ-prĕsh′ən, ĭ-myo͞o′-)
im′mu·no·de·pres′sant (-prĕs′ənt) n.
im′mu·no·de·pres′sive adj.


n inmunodepresión f
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In addition, the article describing the results of the "MASTERS" trial describes how patients receiving intravenous MultiStem treatment demonstrated a significant reduction in inflammatory cytokines and immune cells and a decrease in infections associated with immunodepression, compared to patients receiving placebo.
Patients admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) present a major risk of frequent aspirations due to a variety of factors, such as lowering of the conscience level, the supine position, clinic instability and immunodepression [3].
Can glutamine modify the apparent immunodepression observed after prolonged, exhaustive exercise?
Therefore, we ratify that patients' immunodepression make them vulnerable to infections caused by colistin-resistant microorganisms.
This does not refute the hypothesis in the literature that there is immunodepression after stroke because of the effects of cortisol section or sympathetic autonomic nervous system depression.
Sympathetic activation triggers systemic interleukin-10 release in immunodepression induced by brain injury.
Exercise induced immunodepression in endurance athletes and nutritional intervention with carbohydrate, protein, and fat - what is possible, what is not?
In geriatric population urinary tract infection rate is high due to underlying age related problem, associated disorder and immunodepression.
The extract (50 mg/kg, intragastric, 5 days) produced normalizing effect on the content of antibody-forming cells in the spleen of experimental mice under the conditions of humoral response stimulation by antigen and in immunodepression models.

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