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 (ĭm′yə-nō-dī′əg-nō′sĭs, ĭ-myo͞o′-)
n. pl. im·mu·no·di·ag·no·ses (-sēz)
Diagnosis of disease based on antigen-antibody reactions in the blood serum. Also called serodiagnosis.

im′mu·no·di′ag·nos′tic (-nŏs′tĭk) adj.


a diagnosis relating to immunology


(ˌsɪər oʊˌdaɪ əgˈnoʊ sɪs)

n., pl. -ses (-sēz).
a diagnosis involving tests on blood serum or other serous fluid of the body. Also called immunodiagnosis.
se`ro•di`ag•nos′tic (-ˈnɒs tɪk) adj.
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