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any of various analytical techniques that involve antigen and antibody solutions diffusing towards each other in a gel until the antibody binds specifically to the antigen to form a precipitate


(ˌɪm yə noʊ dɪˈfyu ʒən, ɪˌmyu-)

any of various analytical techniques that involve antigen and antibody solutions diffusing toward each other in a gel until antibody binds specifically to antigen to form a precipitate.
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Results for coccidioidal antibody testing were positive by enzyme immunoassay and immunodiffusion but negative by serum complement fixation.
Further identification of the fine reactivities can be done by immunodiffusion (ID), immunoblotting, ELISA, or line immunoassay (LIA) (10-15).
Blood from 14 workers (including the two ill workers) was submitted for serologic testing (e.g., complement fixation, immunodiffusion, and radioimmunoassay) (1); results are pending.
Homogenates of lungs, spleen, and liver of all bats were removed from storage and assayed by immunodiffusion tests specific for H.capsulatum and C.
Urinary [beta]-trace excretion was also reported to be significantly higher in the patients with chronic renal failure than in healthy individuals, as judged from data obtained by the single radial immunodiffusion technique (16).
immitis, a positive serologic test for coccidioidal antibodies in serum or cerebrospinal fluid by 1) detection of coccidioidal immunoglobulin M by immunodiffusion, enzyme immunoassay (EIA) latex agglutination, or tube precipitin or 2) detection of rising titer of coccidioidal immunoglobulin G by immunodiffusion, EIA, or complement fixation; or a coccidioidal skin test conversion from negative to positive after the onset of clinical signs and symptoms.
canis-specific tube agglutination and agar gel immunodiffusion tests.
Immunodiffusion studies on human liver and erythrocytes.
There is no skin test for blastomycosis, and available serologic tests (complement fixation and immunodiffusion) lack adequate sensitivity (6).
The agar gel immunodiffusion assay (AGID) detected antibodies to influenza A virus in 140 (62%) of 227 turkeys sampled.
Monomer and dimer fractions were then tested against the FLC antisera and whole light chain antisera by radial immunodiffusion (RID).
Immunodiffusion and complement fixation tests to detect antibodies to H.