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 (ĭm′yə-nō-sə-prĕsh′ən, ĭ-myo͞o′-)
Suppression of the immune response, as by drugs or radiation, in order to prevent the rejection of grafts or transplants or to control autoimmune diseases. Also called immunodepression.

im′mu·no·sup·pres′sant (-prĕs′ənt) n.
im′mu·no·sup·pressed′ (-prĕst′) adj.
im′mu·no·sup·pres′sive adj.
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Adj.1.immunosuppressed - of persons whose immune response is inadequate
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adj inmunosuprimido
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However most studies comparing catheters impregnated with antimicrobials exclude immunosuppressed patients, such as kidney transplant recipients.
Because mold exposure can cause serious illnesses known as invasive mold infections (4,5), and immunosuppressed persons are at high risk for these infections (6,7), several federal agencies recommend that immunosuppressed persons avoid mold-contaminated sites (8,9).
Levamisole increased HA titre (106.7[+ or -]13.4) to a highly significant extent in CP induced immunosuppressed rat when compared to that of CP treated control rats.
IANS | London While, healthy people usually have no problem if microorganisms find their way into their bodies as their immune defence system will put the spores out of action, a specific type of fungus can threaten lives with a compromised immune system, such as AIDS patients or who are immunosuppressed following an organ transplantation, says a new study.
EBV+ LMS is a rare soft tissue sarcoma that occurs in transplant and immunosuppressed patients and is typically an aggressive radiation- and chemotherapy-resistant disease with poor patient outcomes.
This is more likely if inadequately excised or the patient is immunosuppressed. Sun-protective practices, such as applying and reapplying sunscreen regularly, wearing sun-protective clothing, and avoiding excessive UV exposure during peak hours are recommended.
Holtzclaw has studied the violent shaking that occurs when immunosuppressed patients with cancer get fungal infections and are intravenously given a drug called amphotericin B.
TUESDAY, June 19, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- In a case report published online June 18 in BMJ Case Reports, a tattoo-related complication causing an inflammatory myopathy is described in an immunosuppressed patient.
The rats in all the groups, except the control group, were immunosuppressed. The first 3 groups of rats were administered with different concentrations of the pomegranate peel extract (500 [micro]g/mL, 250 [micro]g/mL, and 125 [micro]g/mL), the fourth group was administered with nystatin (100000 U/kg/d), the fifth group was immunosuppressed and induced with oral candidiasis without treatment, the sixth group (control group) was not immunosuppressed and given only the pomegranate peel extract, and the seventh group was only immunosuppressed (table 1).
It can also kill children that are immunosuppressed.