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 (ĭm′yə-nō-tŏk′sĭn, ĭ-myo͞o′-)
A hybrid molecule formed by binding a toxin to a monoclonal antibody, used to destroy tumor cells.


a toxin with immunosuppressive effects


(ˌɪm yə noʊˈtɒk sɪn, ɪˌmyu-)

a monoclonal antibody linked to a toxin with the intention of destroying a specific target cell while leaving adjacent cells intact.
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Immunotoxin based antiviral drugs offer a novel antiviral mechanism for combination therapy and for treating infections that have become resistant to the current first-line intervention.
Depletion of alloreactive T cells by a specific anti-interleukin-2 receptor p55 chain immunotoxin does not impair in vitro antileukemia and antiviral activity.
University of New Mexico (Albuquerque, NM) has patented a heat shock protein immunotoxin comprising: at least a fragment of a heat shock protein, the fragment being capable of being bound by an immune cell; and a toxin bound to the fragment.
Cell surface density of p185(c-erbB-2) determines susceptibility to anti-p185(c-erbB-2)-ricin A chain (RTA) immunotoxin therapy alone and in combination with anti-p170(EGFR)-RTA in ovarian cancer cells.
Both abstracts evaluated SS1(dsFv)-PE38 as an anti-mesothelin immunotoxin in advanced malignancies.
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The development plan includes programs for both immunotoxin and radiolabeled products.
Strategies such as anti-CD25 antibody and CD25-specific immunotoxin [211] employed to reduce Treg function target the constitutively expressed cell surface marker, CD25.
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Researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center will next determine whether immunotoxin conditioning facilitates engraftment of gene-modified stem cells using FancA mice and optimize dosing of immunotoxin platform to completely eliminate host hematopoiesis in order to decrease the risk of leukemogenesis.