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n. inmunotranfusión, tranfusión de la sangre de un donante afectado por la infección misma que sufre el paciente recipiente.
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Contract award notice: Final design, Executive design and safety coordination during the design phase, Work supervision and safety coordination during the execution phase of the "construction works" new immunotransfusion center on the 3rd floor "monoblock body treatments" of the hospital of padua ".
Contract award notice: Delivery of reagents for immunotransfusion tests to the equipment of diamed / bio-rad manufacturer together with the lease of the backup analyzer.
Contract notice: Project oo rr 29 Immunotransfusion extraordinary service maintenance.
Contract notice: Id race 14d031 - supply, in service, an automatic test system for genomic hla typing reagents and consumables dedicated to the needs of the uoc immunotransfusion hospital of padua.