impacted tooth

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Noun1.impacted tooth - a disorder in which a tooth is so crowded in its socket that it cannot erupt normally
disorder, upset - a physical condition in which there is a disturbance of normal functioning; "the doctor prescribed some medicine for the disorder"; "everyone gets stomach upsets from time to time"
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im·pact·ed tooth

n. diente impactado.
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Dilaceration of the impacted tooth in association with odontoma also rarely has been reported in the literature.[2] Here, we present a case of an erupted odontoma and describe the principal characteristics of this lesion.
Occlusal plane of the impacted tooth is nearly in the same level as the occlusal level of the adjacent second molar tooth.
5,8 Diagnosis of infection was made on the visual evidence of existence of pus in the socket from where impacted tooth was removed.
It is related to a partially erupted or impacted tooth, and it is most commonly seen in the third molars of the mandible (70%).
Complex odontoma generally overlies impacted teeth but in our case there was no impacted tooth and peg lateral was appreciated in relation to left maxillary anterior regions.
In this technique, two periapical radiographies are taken with different ray angles, and it is determined whether the impacted tooth is labial or palatal to the roots of the incisors (21).
The investigation showed an impacted maxillarymolar on the right side, with a significant envelope of a hazy mass attached to the coronal section of the impacted tooth. The radiologist gave a provisional diagnosis as dentigerous cyst since the mass was attached to the coronal head of the impacted tooth.
Subjects that did not require the removal of impacted tooth. After selection, only one tooth was extracted from the maxillary arch.
Another fantastic use of lasers in uncovering an impacted tooth or removal of extra tissue to enable correct bracket placement during orthodontic treatments.
The venous outflow is seen to get obstructed due to the pressure exerted by the empty tooth on an impacted tooth follicle, leading to rapid transudation of serum across capillary walls.