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A body that strikes another, usually larger body in an impact, as a comet striking a planet.
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EPSs crushing equipment range from Jaw Crusher, Cone Crusher, Horizontal Shaft Impactors, Vertical Shaft Impactors, Screens, Sand Washing Equipment and all accessories required for a crushing plant.
The major space powers of the United States, Europe, Russia, China and Japan decided to build six "kinetic impactors" -- probes meant to hit the asteroid to change its trajectory.
These mobile impactors can be equipped with optional, highly productive secondary vibrating screen with extra-large screening surface mounted on the discharge conveyor.
According to the ( space agency , it could launch a large spacecraft and use the vehicle's gravity to slowly and carefully draw the asteroid away from Earth; crash into the asteroid to change its speed and course, using one or more spacecraft that would serve as "kinetic impactors"; or, in an "( Armageddon"-type plan , detonate a device that would blow off the asteroid's surface material and send it in another direction like firing a rocket would.
Although a number of computational models (human body models, non-fire impacting objects, etc.) are available for the OEMs to generate the needed training data, part of this data is often obtained in physical tests utilizing impactors whose external biofidelity is still to be evaluated.
Two impactors, a deformable barrier and a rigid impactor, impacted the rectangular steel box at two different speeds.
[2] Series 290 Instruction Manual, Marple Personal Cascade Impactors, Part Number 100065-00,310 ct 2009, Thermo Fisher Inc., 2007.
We want to observe Earth impactors years in advance."
The effects of high velocity impacts (ballistic impact) on carbon/epoxy composite panels using hemispherical, conical, fragment simulating, and flat impactors were studied by Ulven et al.
Among the ideas: kinetic-energy impactors that give it a whack, slow-pull gravity tractors and the staple of sci-fi disasters: nuclear bombs.
PKL[R] Series Interval Impactors are designed to deliver the force needed to dislodge sticky materials from process vessels, chutes, pipes, storage bins and dust collectors.