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The total number of diagnoses was 24, namely: Risk of infection (100%); Excessive fluid volume (99.4%); Hypothermia (61.8%); Fatigue (47.2%); Ineffective health management (42.7%); Impaired dentition (38.2%); Risk of falls (37.1%); Impaired physical mobility (35.4%); Sexual dysfunction (28.7%); Disturbed sensory perception: visual (28.1%); Insomnia (25.3%); Lack of knowledge (18.5%); Chronic pain (15.7%); Disturbed sensory perception: auditory (15.2%); Ineffective protection (12.9%); Situational low self-esteem (12.4%); Acute pain (11.2%); Self-care deficit: dressing (11.2%); Impaired skin integrity (6.7%); Constipation (5.6%); Risk of injury (2.8%); Disturbed sensory perception: tactile (2.8%); Imbalanced nutrition: less than body requirements (1.1%); and Diarrhea (1.1%).
American society is growing older, and just as in a car, "old parts wear out." Aging brings impaired vision, impaired hearing, impaired mobility, impaired dentition, impaired bone strength, and impaired cognition, all of which need to be managed.
Logistic regression analyses demonstrate that WP persons with no dental insurance coverage were more likely to report poorer outcomes, such as worse oral health, visiting a dentist only in emergencies, having a functionally impaired dentition, and/or being unable to afford dental care (Table 2).