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(ĭm-păn′əl) also em·pan·el (ĕm-)
tr.v. im·pan·eled, im·pan·el·ing, im·pan·els or im·pan·elled or im·pan·el·ling also em·pan·eled or em·pan·el·ing or em·pan·els or em·pan·elled or em·pan·el·ling Law
1. To add or include (a person's name) on a list of persons selected for jury duty.
2. To select (a jury) for trial from such a list.

[Middle English empanellen, from Anglo-Norman empaneller : en-, in (from Latin in-; see in-2) + panel, piece of paper listing jurors, jury; see panel.]

im·pan′el·ment n.
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vb, -els, -elling or -elled, -els, -eling or -eled
(Law) a variant spelling (esp US) of empanel
imˈpanelment n
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(ɪmˈpæn l)

also empanel

v.t. -eled, -el•ing (esp. Brit.) -elled, -el•ling.
to enter on a panel for jury duty.
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Past participle: impanelled
Gerund: impanelling

I impanel
you impanel
he/she/it impanels
we impanel
you impanel
they impanel
I impanelled
you impanelled
he/she/it impanelled
we impanelled
you impanelled
they impanelled
Present Continuous
I am impanelling
you are impanelling
he/she/it is impanelling
we are impanelling
you are impanelling
they are impanelling
Present Perfect
I have impanelled
you have impanelled
he/she/it has impanelled
we have impanelled
you have impanelled
they have impanelled
Past Continuous
I was impanelling
you were impanelling
he/she/it was impanelling
we were impanelling
you were impanelling
they were impanelling
Past Perfect
I had impanelled
you had impanelled
he/she/it had impanelled
we had impanelled
you had impanelled
they had impanelled
I will impanel
you will impanel
he/she/it will impanel
we will impanel
you will impanel
they will impanel
Future Perfect
I will have impanelled
you will have impanelled
he/she/it will have impanelled
we will have impanelled
you will have impanelled
they will have impanelled
Future Continuous
I will be impanelling
you will be impanelling
he/she/it will be impanelling
we will be impanelling
you will be impanelling
they will be impanelling
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been impanelling
you have been impanelling
he/she/it has been impanelling
we have been impanelling
you have been impanelling
they have been impanelling
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been impanelling
you will have been impanelling
he/she/it will have been impanelling
we will have been impanelling
you will have been impanelling
they will have been impanelling
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been impanelling
you had been impanelling
he/she/it had been impanelling
we had been impanelling
you had been impanelling
they had been impanelling
I would impanel
you would impanel
he/she/it would impanel
we would impanel
you would impanel
they would impanel
Past Conditional
I would have impanelled
you would have impanelled
he/she/it would have impanelled
we would have impanelled
you would have impanelled
they would have impanelled
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To enroll people as members of a jury.
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Verb1.impanel - enter into a list of prospective jurors
list - include in a list; "Am I listed in your register?"
2.impanel - select from a list; "empanel prospective jurors"
choose, pick out, select, take - pick out, select, or choose from a number of alternatives; "Take any one of these cards"; "Choose a good husband for your daughter"; "She selected a pair of shoes from among the dozen the salesgirl had shown her"
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The evidence that triggers prosecution, conviction and debarment proceedings traditionally is gathered by a federal grand jury, which has been impaneled in the district in which the crime or crimes are said to have occurred.
The jurors were impaneled to investigate one particular case, so their attention was focused and they were able to build expertise.
Mackey and describing one term in which two juries were impaneled to keep up with the caseload, each working twelve hours a day for over a week).
The female juror was excused, and Bedoya's lawyers asked for a mistrial because of a tainted jury and for an entire new jury to be impaneled.
Murray argues his trial attorney was ineffective by failing to strike a prospective juror who raised concerns regarding personal security during voir dire, by failing to request a new jury pool, and by failing to object when the jury was impaneled. Murray also argues the circuit court erroneously exercised its discretion by failing to adequately investigate whether the prospective juror in question was biased and whether his comments tainted the jury pool.
Evidence of this is seen in the fact that when CRBs are impaneled, they are populated by the very people who see the police as enemies, as we will show later in this article.
Finally, the Court does not find that there was a pattern of discrimination by the Government on the ground that the impaneled jury and alternates included at least three individuals of color."
Marshals impaneled grand juries, and grand juries brought indictments, including politicized indictments.
In the church, freshly impaneled grand juries nationwide foretell more reports of grotesque sexual abuse by clergy that church leaders systematically covered up.
The overall number of the civilians engaged, enlisted and impaneled through the CSS units would be anywhere between 1.40 lakh and 3.73 lakh," Additional director general of police (Bihar), S K Singhal.
The Earl of Shaftesbury was not "acquitted" of treason in November 1681: An ignoramus verdict by a grand jury is not tantamount to acquittal, which was why Shaftesbury feared being indicted again for the same offense should a Tory grand jury be impaneled (271-273).